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Pro Brush Cutter With Rod (2-Stroke) - Model 4550-PSF

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Pro 4550-PSF Petrol Brush Cutter stands as a potent landscaping tool, characterized by its robust 53.5 CC 2-stroke engine. Boasting a formidable rated power of 2.4 kilowatts (KW), this cutter delivers the strength needed for tackling challenging brush cutting tasks with efficiency.

Its no-load speed ranges from 2800 to 3200 revolutions per minute (RPM), allowing for optimal performance across a spectrum of cutting scenarios.

Fueled by petrol, this brush cutter is engineered to endure the demands of outdoor landscaping activities. Be it the clearance of overgrown areas or the maintenance of well-groomed lawns.

Pro 4550-PSF Petrol Brush Cutter proves to be a reliable and powerful companion for both landscaping professionals and homeowners. Its amalgamation of a high-displacement engine, substantial power output, and customizable speed settings positions it as an invaluable tool for effectively upkeeping outdoor spaces.

NO LOAD SPEED 2800 - 3200 RPM
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