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Pro Orbital Sander - Model 4125-A

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Pro Orbital Sander, Model 4125-A a precision-crafted tool designed to elevate your sanding projects. With a generous pad size of 125 millimeters, it covers more surface area, making it the ideal choice for achieving smooth and flawless finishes.

This Orbital Sander boasts a reliable 500-watt power rating, ensuring consistent and efficient sanding performance. Operating at a controlled no-load speed of 6000-12000 revolutions per minute, it strikes the perfect balance between power and finesse, catering to both professional applications and tasks that demand impeccable sanding results.

Engineered to function seamlessly within the voltage range of 220-240 volts.

Pro Model 4125-A Orbital Sander epitomizes precision, power, and adaptability. It's an essential addition to any toolkit for tasks that require superior sanding outcomes, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your sanding projects, regardless of scale. 

NO LOAD SPEED 6000-12000 RPM
VOLTAGE 220-240V~
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