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Yking Wood Router Kit - Model 2808-D

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Yking Electric Wood Router 2808-B is a versatile tool designed for precision woodworking tasks. It features a flexible collet size of 6/8mm, making it suitable for various router bits and profiles.

Powered by a robust 1600W motor, this wood router offers the necessary muscle for intricate wood shaping. With a variable speed range of 11,500 to 30,000 RPM, it allows for precise control over different applications, from edging to carving.

Operating on a standard 220-240V~ voltage supply, this router is compatible with most workshop setups, ensuring ease of use.

Yking Electric Wood Router 2808-B combines power, versatility, and adjustable speed, making it an excellent choice for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals seeking precision and control in their project.

NO LOAD SPEED  11500-30000 RPM
VOLTAGE 220-240V~
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